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It's time to post.

Posted by alexsmolik - July 19th, 2007


As we all know, the NG redesign is here, allowing us to make news posts.
I thought I'd decide to actually make one to make my userpage more alive. It doest bring a certain thingy, you've got to admit it, even though I have no idea what it is. Enough small talk, let's cut to the chase. I have absolutely nothing to relevant and or interesting to say as of this moment, except the unexplainable urge to make a post , in order to be among the un-virgins of the userpage post.

I guess I'll just explain how my holidays are going.
Right now, there is absolutely nothing to do, and there won't be nothing to do until the 30th of July, when I'll start my summer job in a bank and I'll be payed 1300%u20AC for doing nothing, or so my dad and sister say. Anyways. I don't do much of my days, usually wake up really late, and directly go on the internet. Eat in front of my computer. Do stuff. My routine you know. Playing poker online. And then, depending on how fat-ass I'm feeling, I either go out just to walk and do something else instead of getting bored at home, or I ... just get bored at home, playing Sudokus, eventually reading. Life is hard and difficult.

At times like these I realize how my life sucks and how I'm an unimportant person with unimportant things going on. I'm so emo. I could actually write a whole book about everything and all, however, I'm so, so, lazy.

Ta ta !

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Hey there, alex. Stop bitchin' about your life sucking, damnit. Life sucks and then you die. For all of us. Okay? #;-}>

So... I came by your profile because you mentioned on Wi/Ht? editing a picture pixel by pixel, and I was curious as to whether it's your UserPage picture or not. Is it? Or were you talking about something else? Or were you just joking? We want to know!


I wasn't expecting someone to visit my userpage, let alone comment my posts! :P
I was talking about my little avatar for userpage posts. The "biohazard" (red on black) thingy. At first, when I made it into a .gif, NG said there was some transparent backgrounds.
So I opened it with Paint, zoomed 800%, and painted black some parts of the background's picture that weren't as black (I thought that might be what the transparent thingy is!), and while I was there, I also made it more "red".
There you go! =D

Make flashes!

I is too busy with the law :-(


Are you hitting on me?

Make flashes again!