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Breach of contract

Posted by alexsmolik - March 16th, 2008

Hey people.

Just thought I'd drop a note. If people ever read these things anyways.
I'm not as active as I used to be, sadly. As the days go by, I sadly witness my rankings drop, more and more, towards the abysses of uncoolness. I never seem to have managed to reach 10K posts, which was one of my goals at one point. I remember I was so jealous of biteme. What? You guys don't know who biteme is? Damn. He's part of NG history. Somewhat. In a way.

As I always say, I'm way too busy with the law.
I want to become a lawyer, or something like that, I don't know. Something related to law in general. We'll see what the future awaits for me, but I'm sure as hell trying to put everything on my side, studyins as much as I ever did, reading, going to class, being attentive. It's all really difficult. However, I managed to get into 2nd year on the first try (only 20% of people manage that, I'm a cool geek. A cooleek). 2nd year is doing fine, still the same things, studying is my life.

Or is it.
I'm so bored at the moment, which made me want to post here.
If you visit this page, let it be known that I love you. In a virtual way, though.
I want to watch a freaking DVD with popcorns, with a girl by my side.
And then have gentle brutal sex with her. Ooohh Yeah.

Buy me a Ferrari Enzo. Bastards.


Breach of contract


Gentle brutal sex, eh?

Better chance of that than the Ferrari, methinks. GOOD LUCK, EITHER WAY. And hey, check out the final update of the pentalist if you haven't already. You may be slipping in stats, but you're still on it. #;-}>

Miss ya man. Moar videos!!! and I'm studying to be a lawyer too. Biteme is still on the internets...if facebook counts. Come back some more, you're awesome. and email format and tell him to fix spasmbot.

Damn, I only have $652,829.53
Tough break.

i don't have money for that 70-200 f/2.8 lens i'm after, what makes you think i can you a car?

if you need someone to deposit this account. I would be glad too help :)

youre awesome molik. one of the oldest users ive never met.

I guess we'll eventually meet, mister Castanon ;)
But I don't come to NG as much as I used to or as much as I would like to. Don't really really have the time now.
Hope everything is good for you! Looks like it, even though you don't update brainwashstudios as much as you used to! :P


Was Biteme that guy from the pentalist? The second one to get quadralisted?

I remember biteme. I still talk to him on facebook! Haha.

Hey man. Miss ya tons! Shame we wont be able to work together again :\ Oh well. I'm sure you're gonna make a great lawyer.