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Honestly, the one-line summary says it all.
I loved it. I rock at this game lol. I just love how simple and addictive it is.
Great one.
Keep'em up !

Cool game.

However, I think you should add a few things here and there.
Such as a very low yet hearable background loop, just to make things better you know, so you don't only hear the noises of the game that can get "irritating" after a while. You could also add more details in the stage area, maybe a tree or something, a little frozen lake, who knows?

You SHOULD really add the following:
- More levels. Please. I loved the game, but it was too short.
- Maybe add a "How to Play" instructions thingy. It took me a few seconds to catch how to play...

Keep it up man !

It wasn't bad

Yet, it didn't really catch my attention.
Maybe I just plain suck at these games, but I had a lot of trouble getting past the FIRST FEW GUYS... So yeah, I guess I suck. But it was kinda hard lol. Nevertheless, a great flash, an actionscripting marvel with a nice concept.
Keep it up =)


This game here is simply awesome.
Nothing much else to say honestly.
It's simply awesome. It rocks. You rock.
Even though it's quite hard lol.
Keep it up !


Simply awesome. Your best game so far. The best of the series.
I really like it and I wish I had your AS skills...
But hey, everyone must have a gift ! I guess I must discover mine. But yours is a pretty good one for sure, and you have got my 5. I always tend to like these little "maze/puzzle" games.

Keep up the good work.


Awesome game.
Some levels were really hard to get. I think I got to level 18 or something, but then I stopped because I had to go to the dentist, too bad for me. The levels are greatly elaborated, sometimes you think there is no solution, and only a few seconds later, you find the right move to go to the next level. Really nice game.

Keep up the good work,


Hey, well yeah I'll make it brief. The game is espectacular, really good and everything. But I found out a little bug.

When I get on the "date level" with Milfeulle, no matter what I do, the game is stuck. I keep pressing the button, but nothing happens, as if no actions were set on the button. And I can't go backwards, nor forward. Both "PLAY" and "FORWARD" work (after right clicking). And if I click on "REWIND", the whole game is lost since it goes back to the loading screen.

Just thought I'd say it. :)
Keep up the brilliant work.

Pretty good

As usual, the dress-up was pretty good. The graphics were nice and neat. But there were some glitches :
Some of the clothes weren't draggable (they weren't even buttons), whereas when you dragged others, it was like you were dragging the whole screen, so it moves you know. You might wanna fix that. But no big deal :)
In overall, it was pretty good.
Keep it up.

It was good

A nice little game, but I found it VERY hard. Maybe I just suck or something dude, but I mean, I didn't pass level 1.
I think that the tank and the rabbit's "missiles" are way too big. And the bunny is too close to the tank. So it's hard to win and "miss" the missiles... for me.
Overall good game though.
Nice easter thingy.
Keep it up.

MetaphorcE responds:


Try harder alex >_<

But yeah, sometimes the bunny gets too close and it becomes too hard to get... and sometimes the bunny gets too far away to hit too - but it can still hit the tank... These are the little code things I talked about in my comments I never got around to fixing.

Nice game !

Well, I finally passed level four lol. But there seems to be a little glitch at level 5. The guy doesn't run fast AT ALL, making the level kind of "easy". Just thought I'd mention it lol.
Overall, the game is nice, sound is good, graphics are very nice, as said before, I like the graphics, specially the fact that they change after each level and stuff, that was a good idea.
And oh, I'm stuck at level 6 ! Dude I suck so much !
Nice game
Keep it up !

AngryAxel responds:

Hehe, keep bashing those keys... Thanx for testing.
And as I said before, the difficulty thing is NG's fault, the framerate is lower here

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